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You may have noticed on our site, we refer to Google Plus also as Google my Business. Or you may have seen these changes on Google. As of June 2014 the new Google my Business was meant to simplify local marketing for small local businesses. In the words of Google, “Be there when customers look for you online.” Let us explain the difference between the two and exactly what Google My Business is and what it can do for your small business.

Google My Business is an integrated app, launched to ease the confusion of managing local listings and Google plus pages for small businesses. The new Google My Business is mean to make it “easier than ever to update business information across Google Search, Maps, and Google+”. Google has essentially streamlined the process for small business, allowing them to manage business data, reviews, and interactions through one platform.

If your business was previously locally listed, or had a Google+ page, then you will automatically be “upgraded” to the new Google My Business page. For more information about Google My Business, check out the Google My Business FAQ. If you’re just getting started


Google Plus hit the market and grew their huge user base rather quickly with the invite only model, but now it has been deemed by many a total ghost town. So why does your business need to be on Google+ if it is completely devoid of active users? Think of Google plus, not for the social network it wants to be, but for the SEO value that being on Google+ will give you. Google+ is not only an added benefit when it comes to local search, but huge user base actually generates more engagement for brands than you may think. Follow along for all the reasons why your business needs to be on Google+.

    • Social Integration – With 4-5 major social networks that you should be participating on, it seems overwhelming to think that Google plus is another network you need to manage! Oh, but how does one manage their time across all these social platforms!? There are many services out there that allow you to push content to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously. Streamlining your social networks has never been this easy. While we don’t recommend sending all your posts at the same time using identical formatting, simltaneous syndication is OK on occasion.
    • Access to Google Resources – Google services are a complete offering to help you with your marketing efforts. With resources like YouTube, Communities, Hangouts, and Google Local, each will benefit and optimize your marketing strategy. connecting your business Google Plus page to additional resources offered by Google will allow your fans to find you more easily in searches and makes it ultra simple to follow you on all your social networking platforms.
    • Google AuthorshipWe mentioned this just the other day! An important ranking factor that is of the lesser-known ranking factors. Authorship, tags each piece of content you create and lets Google know who exactly wrote that content. Tying a verified author profile to content ranks content higher than that without a profile. Authorship also allows Google to track content history and easily determine which authors regularly produce “good” content. So not only do you want to claim your work, make sure you continually are providing value and entertainment to your readers.
    • Google Places – And Google+ local are a total god send for local business. Google has focused more efforts on local searches and small business helping them appear in searches. Stores with a brick and mortar location and a Google+ page are of the first results in local search. Include your company information here so saerchers can find your website, phone number, info & description, and view sutomer reviews.
    • Follow Links – In the past, social networks deems all links in posts as no follow – meaning Google placed no value in a link shared on these sites. Currently links on Google plus pages and shared in posts ar enow followed. The more content is shared, the more often it is linked to, which could potentially explain the increase in Google+ posts in search results.
    • Everything you post is indexed – Now this may be redundant given that we just explained the value placed in shared links. All you rposts shared on Google Plus are indexed by Google. These posts in time will positively influence search engine results, which means more visibility for businesses!
    • SEO – The last couple of facts allude to this almighty reason to be on Google+. Let’s face it; if your business, brand or company shows up in one of the top five places in a search result you are twice as likely to recieve visits from searches. Take advantage of all that Google offers and use these resources to complete your marketing efforts. The more opportunities Google has to see your online efforts, the more likely people seraching will too.

Optimizing your Google+ or Google My Business page is equally as important as optimizing your website for SEO value. Google+ pages for business are a hot topic these days, especially as it pertains to local search. Using Google+ can help increase your search rankings and acts as a powerful SEO tool for local and web based businesses. Properly optimize your Google+ page and increase visibility to your new and existing customers.

Where to Optimize on your Profile:

SEO Title – The name of your page should always be the name of your business. This will be the SEO title. Avoid using any keywords here. This actually has little SEO value and may negatively impact results.

Meta Description – The Meta Description of your page combines your company tag line and the first two sentences of your introduction. Be sure your first two sentences are well written and concise so consumers can quickly see what your business is about.

Follow Links- Follow links on your page can be placed in the introduction and other links section. The official linked website on your page is, unfortunately, marked as no follow.

Google+ Authorship – An important ranking factor that is of the lesser-known ranking factors. Authorship tags each piece of content you create and lets Google know who exactly wrote that content. Tying a verified author profile to content ranks content higher than that without a profile.

Optimize Content:

Once your Google+ page has been created and your profile is fully set up you’re ready to start posting. Posts should contain relevant information that your viewers find useful, entertaining, and valuable. Remember content can come from your blog and should include additional sources other than yourself.